Thanks for your interest in My Recipe Book! This app has had a good long life, but unfortunately we are no longer able to support the app and it is no longer available to download in the App Store. Your data should still be useable on your device, and RecipeSync will still allow you to back up your recipes until January 31, 2021.

What should I do with all of my recipes?

There are many options, but may we recommend you transfer your recipes to the app Paprika? It has much of the same functionality and there's a way to convert/import your recipes from My Recipe Book into Paprika. For details on how to do this, check out this help info from Paprika's website: You shouldn't even have to open My Recipe Book app in order to do the transfer!

Note that we aren't directly associated with Paprika and aren't endorsing them specifically, but their app seems to be a good one and it offers an option for a smooth transition for our customers. There may be other apps out there that will do the same thing! Feel free to investigate them all.

Thanks so much for being a loyal user of My Recipe Book and we wish you happy cooking and baking for years to come!

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How do I add a recipe?

Click the “Add a recipe” button on the home screen. This will allow you to enter all of the relevant information such as the recipe name, where you got it, the number of servings, prep time, cook time, ingredients and directions. Entering the categories the recipe belongs to will make it easier to find later.  You can even upload a picture of it if you would like. Once you’re finished, make sure to click “save”.

How do I get a recipe online?

Select “Find Recipes online” to look for recipes from some of the most popular recipe websites. Simply type in a search item and your selected website will find popular recipes relevant to your search. If you see one you like, save it to your Recipe Book by clicking the save/import button. To change the website, touch the “Website” button and select the website you would like to use. Some websites are set up for easy import, which will take all of the recipe information and import it directly into the app. If easy import is not available for the website you would like to use, you will need to enter the prep and cook time, as well as the category to make the recipe searchable in the future. When you are finished searching, simply touch the “Done” button, and you will be brought back to your recipe book.

How do I use the Custom Importer?

First, in the search bar where you have been typing in your search item, type in the URL you would like to import from, then touch the Search button on the keyboard. Browse the site as you normally would in a browser, using the browser buttons across the top of the screen. Once you locate the recipe you want to import, touch the “Custom” button in the upper right corner. This will pull down the Custom Importing menu. Locate the list of ingredients on the website in the lower half of the window, and touch the words until the blue highlights show up. Move the 4 dots around until all of the ingredients are highlighted in the selection, then touch the “Ingredients” button in the pop-up. The ingredients will now go into the ingredients section of the custom importer. Do the same thing with the directions. If the ingredients or directions are broken into multiple sections, just keep highlighting them and touching the “ingredients” or “Directions” buttons, and it will keep adding the text to the appropriate section. If you add something by mistake, you can tap in the text block and delete the section you imported by mistake. For the title, you can do it the same way, highlighting it, and touching the “Title” button, or you can type it directly into the “Name” section of the custom importer. Fill in the remaining information about servings, cook, and prep time while you’re looking at the recipe, then find the photo you want to import. Touch the photo until the “Save Image” button comes up, touch that and it will add the URL location to the Img URL blank. When you’re finished filling everything in, touch the “Save” button in the middle of the screen, and it will import the recipe. You can make any additional changes and add categories from there. Be sure to touch the “Save” button when you’re done, and your recipe will be imported.

How do I delete a recipe?

Find the recipe, click the edit button in the upper right hand corner.  A delete button will appear on the top of the recipe card, click it to delete the recipe.  Be careful, this action is permanent.

How can I back-up my data?

You can now back up your data through iTunes Check the video tutorials for an instruction video on how to back-up, or follow the steps below.

  1. Touch the settings icon in the upper left corner
  2. Touch the Backup/Restore button
  3. Touch the Run Backup Mode button
  4. Connect your device to your computer, and allow iTunes to sync and back-up your data
  5. With the device still connected, make sure the name of your device is selected in the left column
  6. Across the top of the right side of the iTunes window, summary is usually selected, with a summary of your iPad. Select the “Apps” button instead.
  7. Scroll to the bottom, and you will see the File Sharing Section
  8. Click on Recipe Book, and you will see several files under RecipeBook? Documents
  9. Highlight the folder called BACKUPFOLDER, it should have today’s date on it, if you ran backup mode today
  10. In the bottom right, click the Save To button
  11. Navigate to the location on your computer that you would like to save your back-up and click Choose
  12. The folder will save to the selected drive on your computer
  13. If you open the folder, you will notice image files as well as a database file called RecipeBook?.sqlite – this is the backed up database of your recipes, and you will not be able to open the file and check it, or read it on your computer since it is a database file. This is the file that will restore your recipes if anything happens to your device

How do I Restore my Recipes if something has happened to my device? 

  1. Touch the settings icon in the upper left corner
  2. Touch the Backup/Restore button
  3. Touch the Run Restore Mode button
  4. Close the app
  5. Connect your device to the computer
  6. Find the File Sharing section in iTunes that you used to create the back-up
  7. Highlight Recipe Book
  8. Click the Add button
  9. Select all the files within the BACKUPFOLDER on your hard drive, if it asks you to overwrite the files in there, click yes
  10. Start the My Recipe Book app
  11. The app will take a few minutes to run the import, be patient and don’t close out of the app or the restore won’t complete
  12. The app will open normally after that, and the recipes from your back-up will be there

How do I edit a category?

Touch the help icon in the upper left hand of the main screen.  Then touch the Edit Categories button, and you will see red minus signs next to each category.  Touch the minus sign next to the category you would like to delete, then touch the delete button.  To add a category, touch the plus sign in the bottom right corner.  Select Dish Type or Dietary Need, type in the category you would like to add and then touch save.  That category will be available the next time you want to enter a recipe.

How do I use the Grocery List?

Touch the grocery cart icon on the recipe card.  This will add all the ingredients from the recipe you selected to your grocery list.  If you want to see everything on your grocery list, touch the View Grocery List Button.  You can email your grocery list by touching the share list button in the bottom left corner.

How do I add or edit a photo?

To add a photo, you need to first make sure the photo you want to add is in your iPad photos already.  Then, you touch the recipe card of the recipe you would like to add or edit the photo.  Touch the edit button in the upper right corner, and the edit screen will open.  If you already have a photo, it will be showing with an edit button over it.  If you don’t have a photo, the default picture will be showing with an edit button over it.  Touch the edit button.  There are 2 options when you touch the photo, set to default or choose picture.  If you select set to default, it will change the photo back to the default grocery bag image.  If you select choose picture, your photo albums will open.  Select the photo from your photo albums, zoom and move the photo until what you want to see is selected.  Then touch the use button.  When you have your photo inserted, make sure you hit the done button on the edit screen to save your changes.  Your photo will now show up on your recipe card.

How do I set multiple Timers

On the main screen, or a recipe card, touch the timer icon across the bottom of the notebook. Touch the plus icon on the top right of the pop-up. You can re-name the timer to whatever you are using like turkey, potatoes, or pie. Once you have named the timer, set the time using the scroll wheel, and touch “start”. To add another timer, touch the “Kitchen Timers” button in the upper left. Touch the plus icon to add a new one. When you are finished, touch outside the pop-up, and you will be brought back to your recipe book, and the timer icon will show that there is a timer running. Any time you want to see the amount of time left, simply touch the timer icon, and you will see the list of timers.

How do I create a header for ingredients?

If your recipe has multiple sections for ingredients like cake and icing for a cake recipe, you can now make a header to separate the ingredients. When you are on the edit screen, simply touch “Add New Ingredient”. Type the name of the header into the “Ingredient Name” blank, and switch the toggle that says “Section” to ON. Touch Save, and you will see the heading name in bold font. Use the 3 gray lines to the right of the header name to move it wherever you would like in the list of ingredients. The header will show on the recipe card in bold and left justified to separate the ingredients.