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  1. How can I ensure that my recipe updates are included in alll my devices (iPhone, iPads , etc) from the cloud???

  2. I have the ipad version. Is there an iPhone version? How do I see the grocery list on my iPhone?

  3. I’d like to be able to incorporate photographs within the directions section – for those step by step recipes where the photographs of the steps are important. Any chance of this?

  4. I have a full recipe book on my iPad. I just purchased a Samsung tab2 galaxy tablet and would like to transfer my book to this device…can you teller how?

  5. I have your app on my iPad. I love it. Do you have an app for Android?

  6. How do I download this app?

  7. 🙂

  8. What is kitchensync? How do I use it? What is it’s advantages?


  9. It would be great if i could input my recipes at the computer, instead of through the app. Are there any plans for this feature?

  10. For the second time I am having trouble with this app opening. It seems to be stuck! The last time someone helped but I can not remember what was done. I use this app more than all of the others and want to be able to depend on finding me recipes. Please help?

  11. I can’t get MyRecipeBook to open on my iPad. I’ve used it with no problems for over a year, so I transferred all my recipes to the app. I’ve updated all apps, turned off my iPad, and the operating system is updated. Foolishly, I tossed all my recipes because I thought I had them saved on this app, and now I can’t open it. There’s no contact info anywhere, and the FAQs do not address this issue. Grrr…

  12. Was updating on iPad; during the update install, the app froze. Now cannot open or finish installing update.

  13. App will not load

  14. i love this cook book thingy sooo much,its really tastey and awesome , i mean its great…im family loves it,my friends loves it and i love it lol..

  15. I upgraded my iPad to iOS 7 for dev testing. I’m unable to now save new recipes. It gets to the point of importing and pressing the save button. The screen is locked. No way to get it right till closing the app which does not save the information to the database. Is this something that will be fixed shortly?

  16. My recipe book won’t open. It doesn’t have anything. When I click on the app, only a blank wood-like background appears. Nothing to click on at all. What should I do?

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