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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Blog | 19 comments

Typing Recipes into the app

Typing Recipes into the app

If you have a hard copy recipe card or cookbook and you want to type it into the app, the graphics below should help you with the steps to accomplish that




  1. Do you plan to ever offer the option of typing in recipes from a computer, rather than an app? I would upgrade if this is available. It is just hard and too time consuming to enter my thousands of recipes on the ipad keyboard. (When I got your app when it was new, I thought this was in the works, but haven’t seen it yet) Thanks!

  2. I like the app on my iPad and would like to use it on my iPhone. Do younhave an iPhone app? It would be great to be able to view the recipes and shopping list on the iPhone so that if I am in the supermarket deciding on dinner, I can look up my recipes on the spot. Thank you

  3. How do I get started

  4. Finally getting to use this app but one of the first recipes calls for cocoa. It’s not an ingredient in your app? How do I add it?

  5. When are you going to have a web based tool to enter recipes that can then be emailed to bring into the app?

    It is very inconvenient to enter a large number of recipes from recipe cards using a tablet. Having the same type recipe entry interface on your website would make this so much better.


  6. I just got this app recently, so haven’t had much time to do anything with it yet, but it looks great! 🙂 My question is, am I able to manually enter recipes via my computer, & then when I sync my iPad have them import to it? I ask because it’s much easier (for me) to type on a computer than on an iPad. Thanks, & I look forward to hearing from you!

  7. Hi!
    Before I buy the app could you please tell me if it has Russian localization?

    If it has not I would gladly be one of the editors on


  8. Can we get a PC link, to allow us to connect with our account and enter recipes via PC. A calorie counter would be absolutely perfect. And a connection to is but a dream.

    Love this app

  9. Is there anyway to use my Mac to copy recipes on to my recipes book, it would be soooo much faster if I could use a keyboard and not my ipad.

  10. Hi there, i have just purchased thjs app through the apple app store.

    I got it for the purpose of storing my own recices but can’t figure out this function through the app. Do i need to do this online?

  11. Hi, I got the iPhone app specifically because the description said you could add recipes however I can’t find this ability on the app I installed. Please can u advise? If it isn’t currently available can u advise if or when it will be?

  12. Hi I want to know how can I add a recipe on my iPhone. I’ve been looking and I can´t. Please help me.

  13. This is a great app and I love the changes you have made. It would be so great to be able to access my recipes and account via computer to type in recipes. I have tons I want to add from hard copies and would love to be able to do it from my computer.

  14. I just purchased your app. I have an IPOD touch. I would very much like to add my recipes to this app, but I cannot find the add recipe icon anywhere on the app.

  15. I’m looking for a good recipe app that I can use to import a lot of hard copy magazine recipes that I’ve collected over the years. Do I need to hand type each one of these recipes into this app or is there a way to import?

    • In both the iPhone and iPad apps you can add recipes using the easy importer.

      To use the easy importer, you touch the “Find Recipes Online” button, then touch the “Sites” button, and select the site you would like to import from. Type your search into the bar at the top, then touch the “search” button on the keyboard, and a list of recipes that match your search from the site you selected will appear.

      On the iPad, there are additional ways to add recipes to the app.

      To type one of your personal recipes in, touch the “Add a Recipe” button, then add ingredients, directions, etc. on the edit screen.

      To use the custom importer to import from a website, touch the “Find Recipes Online” button. Type the web address you would like to import from into the search bar at the top. Once the site is up, navigate to the recipe you would like to enter. Touch the “Custom Import” button in the upper right corner, and the fields you can import will appear there. Touch and hold over the text you would like to import, move the blue dots so they are surrounding the text, then touch the coresponding button (Title, Ingredients, Directions) to add the text to that area. To add a photo, touch the “Picture” button, and all the photos available on the website will populate there, select the one you want, and it will import with the recipe. When you have entered all the information, touch the blue Import button in the middle of the screen, and you will see the recipe in a recipe card in the app.

      If you have recipes in an email, or a note, or a document on your iPad, you can still import them into the custom importer. Open the custom importer the same way you would to import from a website, but instead of pasting from a website that is open in the app, you can switch back to the app that has the text, copy from there, and paste into the ingredients and directions boxes, touch the “import” button, and it will separate out all the information for you into a recipe card.

  16. When will we be able to do this on the iphone app?

    • We hope to add this at some point – but it’s not in the works yet

  17. Are you ever going to get back to us on whether or not we will be able to type recipes into our computers & then sync them with our devices? It’s been a year & a half since your last reply. Not cool.


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