Thanks for your interest in My Recipe Book! This app has had a good long life, but unfortunately we are no longer able to support the app and it is no longer available to download in the App Store. Your data should still be useable on your device, and RecipeSync will still allow you to back up your recipes until January 31, 2021.

What should I do with all of my recipes?

There are many options, but may we recommend you transfer your recipes to the app Paprika? It has much of the same functionality and there's a way to convert/import your recipes from My Recipe Book into Paprika. For details on how to do this, check out this help info from Paprika's website: You shouldn't even have to open My Recipe Book app in order to do the transfer!

Note that we aren't directly associated with Paprika and aren't endorsing them specifically, but their app seems to be a good one and it offers an option for a smooth transition for our customers. There may be other apps out there that will do the same thing! Feel free to investigate them all.

Thanks so much for being a loyal user of My Recipe Book and we wish you happy cooking and baking for years to come!

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Posted by on Jul 6, 2011 in Blog | 3 comments

How does the Custom Importer Work?

How does the Custom Importer Work?

One of the biggest changes we made in the last update was to add the Custom Importer, and there have been a lot of questions about how it all works.  There is a video for how to use the Custom Importer in the Video Tutorials section of the settings screen, and written instructions are below.

First, Easy Import is still available for all the sites that were available before.  We did not change how Easy Import works, we just changed how it looks a little bit.

The bar at the top of the screen when you are in the “Find Recipes Online” screen now has two purposes.  If you would like to search for blueberry recipes at, touch the “Sites” button, select, then type in blueberries into the search bar.  The recipes will come up.  Navigate to the recipe you’re looking for, and touch the “Easy Import” button, and the recipe will be imported to your recipe book, just as it always has

The second purpose of the bar at the top of the screen is to navigate to any website, allowing you to import from anywhere on the web.  If you want to import the latest recipe from Smitten Kitchen, type into the navigation bar.  The website will open up.  Navigate to the recipe you want to import, and touch the “Custom” button at the top.  Half the screen will open up, revealing the Custom Import information.

To use the Custom Importer:

  1. Locate the list of ingredients on the website in the lower half of the window, and touch the words until the blue highlights show up. Move the 4 dots around until all of the ingredients are highlighted in the selection, then touch the “Ingredients” button in the pop-up. The ingredients will now go into the ingredients section of the custom importer.
  2. Follow the same procedure with the directions and title. If the ingredients or directions are broken into multiple sections, just keep highlighting them and touching the “ingredients” or “Directions” buttons, and it will keep adding the text to the appropriate section. If you add something by mistake, you can tap in the text block and delete the section you imported by mistake.
  3. Fill in the remaining information about servings, cook, and prep time while you’re looking at the recipe, then find the photo you want to import.
  4. Touch the photo until the “Save Image” button comes up, touch that and it will add the URL location to the Img URL blank. When you’re finished filling everything in, touch the “Save” button in the middle of the screen, and it will import the recipe. You can make any additional changes and add categories from there.
  5. Touch the Blue “Save” button in the middle of the screen – not the Easy Import Button, and your recipe will be saved to the My Recipe Book App.


  1. Custome importer – Great feature!!! Thank you!

  2. How do I transfer recipes from ipad 2 to ipad mini?

  3. Hi,
    Hen I try to use the custom importer. Sometimes the drop menu will not appear after I highlight m area. I find tat when I start the custom importer. I will be able to height light one section and the drop menu will pop up. But them when I highlight smother area the pop up menu will not show up.

    Tanks for you help.

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