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Posted by on Jul 22, 2010 in Blog | 105 comments

My Recipe Book for iPad

My Recipe Book for iPad

Here are the newest features:

❀ You can import recipes from other My Recipe Book Users when they email them to you from the app

❀ Printing is available for the grocery list, and individual recipes

❀ The timer works in the background

We still have the same great features that transform your iPad into the perfect cooking companion.  Easily import recipes from the web, type them in to your iPad directly, then set your iPad up in the kitchen, and start cooking!


  1. Are you coming out with an iPhone version also? If so, will I be able to access my recipes on both my iPad and iPhone?

    • We are not currently working on an iPhone version of My Recipe Book, but we have had a few requests, so we may look at doing it for the future.

      • Please, please, please come out with a version for the iphone. I would have bought this app – if it worked on my phone as well.

        • It would be nice to have the grocery list on the iPhone and the rest of the app on the iPad for use in the kitchen. We just aren’t going to take our iPad to the store with us, but we always have our phones.
          My $0.02 worth,

          • Me too! Looking for the perfect recipe keeper for my iPhone

          • email the grocery list to your iphone

          • This app looks nice, but it’s simply not useful to me unless I can use it on all my devices. I’m not going to spend time working on my iPad screen; it’s simply too small and too cumbersome to type on. I’m going to do the majority of my work on my MacBook Pro. I’m not taking my laptop or my iPad to the grocery store; I’m taking my iPhone to the grocery store; it’s the perfect device to cart around while shopping or while deciding what I want for dinner tonight before leaving work. It’s in the kitchen that I will use my iPad.

            We need a program that works on all three devices, elegantly and seamlessly. Anything less is an also ran.

          • I have the iPad version and i LOVE it!!! But a “sibling” to my iPhone would be great. I don’t bring the iPad to the store and I hate standing there guessing the amounts and ingredients.

          • Agreed. It would be nice to somehow connect with your iPhone somehow, as I’ve had trouble sending grocery list to myself for some reason. Have been having to send to my work email then forward to my home email, which I’d rather use in the first place. Also, I’d like to be able to have access to recipes or their ingredients on the iPhone while I’m shopping on the fly !

      • This app would be PERFECT if you could edit, add, and delete the existing categories!! Otherwise I love it!

        • You can edit categories – here’s how: Touch the settings icon in the upper left hand of the main screen. Then, touch the Edit Categories button. You will see a red minus sign next to each category. Touch the minus sign next to the category you would like to delete, then touch the delete button. To add a category, touch the plus sign in the bottom right corner. Select dish type or dietary need, type in the category you would like to add then touch save. That category will be available the next time you want to enter a recipe.

    • same here – please also for iPhone!

    • Great prog. WOuld be much more useful if I could take it with me on my iPhone. Having it on my iPad only is quite limiting.

      • Please please, yes, please do a version for the iPhone that syncs with the iPad. I LOVE this app, but would love it even more if I could synch with the iPhone!

  2. Like the look of your app. Since the world (apart from USA) uses metric units, does this app have the option of using metric when adding ingredients? I realise that it has a conversion tool, but for most of us outside of the USA, having ingredients listed in metric is essential. cheers, Rob

    • Yes – the app does have the option of using metric units when adding ingredients. There are also some helpful conversion tools included in the app.

  3. Can I type in the recipes from my Mac and then sync/tsfr to my Ipad? I have many recipes that I want to put on my Ipad but feel it would be cumbersome to use it for the bulk of them.

    • There is not currently a way to enter recipes on the Mac and transfer them – it is something we’re looking into for the next update – probably our most requested feature! Thanks for the feedback.

      • I would really appreciate this. Any thoughts on the timing of having the app ready for the MAC?

        The best would be to have the app/recipes exist virtually or in a cloud so they could be accessed at any device connecting to the internet.

    • Importing recipes from MacGourmet would be great.

    • I will buy the moment you can transfer from Pages or Word to the App on iPad!!!

  4. i buy the english version but i hope that it appears in spanish. i hope is possible.

  5. A limited iPhone app would be useful but for me, only for shopping.

    I would like to choose a recipe (on the iPad or Mac), then send the list of ingredients to the iPhone when I go shopping.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. You can make a grocery list within the My Recipe Book App, then email it to yourself, pull it up on your iPhone and check off your list within your email. We have thought about a complementary iPhone app – and it is something we might pursue in the future.

  6. I really want this app, but I have lots of recipes already typed on my PC. I really need a cut and paste option. If I buy it, do you think that will be available soon?

    • I really can’t say specifically when this feature will be available. It is something we will be working on, though.

      • Import your recipes to Docs to go application in your iTunes when you sync. Then you can select all of the content from your word documents and paste it into the recipe application. I did that with all of mine and it worked like a charm.

        • I email the recipes to myself than use the custom import – easy peasy!

  7. How about an applet that will import a recipe from any website, not just the preselected ones, into the app?

  8. Hi,

    This is a really great app. It would be amazing if we could save any recipe web site to the app. Thanks for this futur feature!


    • I agree that it would be ideal if we can save the website of our choice to the app. Thise would be a huge feature. I love the app! It’s great!

  9. I love the app and planned on putting all my recipes on it over the winter. But I am concerned about not being able to access the recipes if something happens to my iPad. Is there a chance that I
    Will be able to download them onto my iMac? If so…..any idea when?

    • We are working on being able to export recipes in formats that would be readable on the computer. I don’t have a definite date of when that feature will be available.

  10. Nice app. Thank you. I will look forward your future update on being able to sync with Mac recipes

    • Or PC’s as it would make entering new recipes much faster and easier. Looking forward to that feature, but I love the app and use it all the time.

    • I would also love the ability to enter recipes on a PC and then import.

      • Thanks for the suggestion!

  11. Hi
    I have uploaded a photo against a recipe that i have just loaded and now cannot access my recipe without crashing back to my main iPad menu. How can I delete this recipe when I can’t get into the edit screen?

    I love the concept of the app and hope that this won’t be an ongoing problem

  12. I am just trying to start this app, but want to add my own categories. Found where it says to customize by….clicking on setting icon, then edit categories. Please be more specific. Where is the setting icon? Within the app? Where is the edit button? Within the app?

    • Sorry for any confusion. The settings icon is within the app – in the upper left corner of the screen, there is a button that looks like a gear wheel. Touch that, and the recipe book will flip over to take you to the settings screen. The edit categories is the 3rd button down on the settings screen. From there, you can add, delete, and edit the categories as you see fit.

  13. How about an applet that will import a recipe from any website, not just the preselected ones, into the app?

    • get excited – it’s coming!

  14. I can’t find this app on the app store anymore — what’s up?

    • We had a glitch that caused us to pull the app from the store, it didn’t affect current users. It’s back in the store now.

  15. My sister and I both have the app and would like to share recipes. Is there a way to share one of my recipes once I add it to my book?

  16. I love many things about the app – but I’d like to echo the request for a share this recipe function with other my Recipe Book users.

    Kudos to y’all on the shopping list feature. We love how we can use the e-mail with those handy check boxes – so useful when we are picking up ingredients in multiple stops!

    The restore functionality is currently clunky – and has crashed the app on our iPad when we’ve used it – but ultimately a hard reboot of the iPad brought us back to functionality – it would be nice if the restore were more streamlined.

    But overall – this is a must have app, as far as I’m concerned. Thanks!!!

  17. Love the app! Would like to see an index — too slow to scroll through all the As for example. Also agree with above requests for the ability to add recipes via my PC. The recipe adder via the web is excellent! Many thanks for your hard work.

    • Thanks for the suggestions and support! Glad you like the app.

    • First off, very thougtful app.

      I am very interested in the export/import function.

      While I can email the recipe to someone I should be able to email them and tell them about your fabulous app… with an attachment of my recipe for them to import if they bought it. Think of how many more folks would buy this app if they could exchange recipes in it’s native format! XML would be awesome for folks who want to use spread sheets too.

      Keep in mind that house holds sometimes have more than one iPad. My girlfriend both cook and run to the store independently. Without a way to keep our recipes in sync then we cannot use it effectively.

      For now we’ll stick to our google apps spreadsheet. Not pretty, but provides the sharing feature we need. Again, if I could email her the recipe ONCE and have her be able to import it into her app you’d have us hooked and we’d tell our friends!

      • I hope you’ve tried the latest update – which includes this feature.

  18. Just got the iPad app and I love it. I do, however have one question/request. Is there a way to add other websites to the list? I have some German sites I would like to add.

  19. I am looking for an ipad app to transfer my recipes from Mastercook book program to my ipad. will this work?

    • No, there is no way to import recipes in any format into the app. You can only import them from websites we have set up for easy import, or you can type the recipes in individually.

    • Any plans to implement this down the road?

      Mastercook is the main recipe software out there and it seems to be a major gap in terms of iPad apps. HandyCookBook allows for importing Mastercook recipes but it’s for iPhone only.

  20. Great app. Just downloaded and already added recipes from FoodNetwork (not all links work well) and One thing I would change is the ability to adjust the servings by 0.25 (currently it only allows 0.5 – which if the recipe is for 8 people doesn’t work for two). Great value.

  21. Is there a list of websites with importable recipes? I would like recipes from The Pioneer Woman Cooks and from, will that work if ibuy this app?

  22. I bought this app but was very disappointed that you can only import from a small list of specific websites. You cannot even cut and paste from the Internet or import from a document.
    I am now going to purchase paprika.

    • Paprika has some nice features (menu, url reference, nice paste feature, but is lacking in other areas. Charging a yearly fee for backup / cloud syncing is the one that knocked it out of consideration for me.

  23. I would really love a website where I could upload my apps more easily and then sync them to my iPad and iPhone so that there’s a complete package where I can access my recipes from anywhere.

  24. Is there a way in this app to make letters larger? I have a hard time seeing small print and need a good recipe app that allows a larger font.

    • Yes – you can make the font larger. If you’re on the recipe card screen, you will see an icon that looks like a Big A and Little A, touch that icon, and you can scale the font size up and down to your preference.

  25. Can you tell me if you can import recipes from one iPad My Recipe Book app to another iPad My Recipe Book app?

    • It can now!

    • How can I transfer all my recipes from one iPad My Recipe Book App to the app on another iPad?

  26. Great App!!! – I use Big Oven a lot, have a number of favorites and publications on their site. I would like to be able to input recipes on my desktop and export them to the app. I found that I can download a recipe to the app, email it to myself, cut and copy to MS Word, reformat, and print it out for a hard copy in my recipe book.

  27. Love the app but every time I try to load a photo of one of my recipes the app crashes. Why is that?

  28. It would be wonderful if there was a Windows app that shared the data with the iPad app. I have a touchscreen PC in my Kitchen that I use for cooking from Internet Recipes. It’s sometimes easier to do “bulk” work using this touchscreen PC due to the wireless keyboard.

    A sync between the two would be perfect as I could import recipes using the Windows app and create my weekly menu, export/sync the grocery list to my iPad, run to the grocery store with my shopping list on my iPad, and then return home and have the option of using my touchscreen PC or iPad to cook from.

    Just a thought…

    Thanks. Just downloaded the app and looking forward to using it.

  29. Love the app.

    Would love to be able to print recipes from it. Is that a possible upgrade in the near future?

    • Printing is available in the latest update.

      • so how do I print a recipe?

    • So how do I print a recipe? I haven’t found any info about it.

  30. Is there a way to copy a recipe rather than retyping similar recipes? Also, I echo wanting a way to import/export from a Mac or PC.

    • No – there is not currently a way to clone recipes, it’s a feature we’re looking at adding in the future, though.

  31. i have just downloaded the latest version with the ability to add via email, how is this done? thanks for a fantastic app

    • Hi – I just answered that on the blog – click here to check it out.

  32. Is there an app for the Mac and if so, can I sync the two together, Mac & iPad? If no app for Mac are you working on one? I truly love this iPad app which is far better then any of the cook recipes software I own on a Mac. Great job done.

    • We don’t have a Mac app right now. We have had a lot of requests, and are thinking of adding one, but I’m not sure when that will happen.

      • Agree with Sandy. I need a Mac app and syncing capability and will stop using til one appears. Love the app otherwise, but lack of cloud or sync option is too old fashioned for me at this stage.

  33. I love this app. There is one thing I don’t understand. Is there a way to delete grocery store items? If so, how?


  34. Can I import recipes created in Word?

    • No, you can’t import recipes from word documents into the app. We’re looking into finding more ways to import recipes, but I’m not sure when that will happen.

  35. Just downloaded app. Very nice.

    Quick question: is there a way when viewing the recipe to remove or at least shrink the top box (box in white)? It has very little information but takes up almost half the screen space. While cooking I really only need the info in the green box.


    • In the next update, we’re will be working on the full screen view to max the view of the ingredients & directions.

  36. I would like to restore a backup file to my recipebook app.
    Can you help me with the steps to do so?


    • 1 Touch the settings icon in the upper left corner
      2 Touch the Backup/Restore button
      3 Touch the Run Restore Mode button
      4 Close the app
      5 Connect your device to the computer
      6 Find the File Sharing section in iTunes that you used to create the back-up
      7 Highlight Recipe Book
      8 Click the Add button
      9 Select all the files within the BACKUPFOLDER on your hard drive, if it asks you to overwrite the files in there, click yes
      10 Start the My Recipe Book app
      11 The app will take a few minutes to run the import, be patient and don’t close out of the app or the restore won’t complete
      12 The app will open normally after that, and the recipes from your back-up will be there

  37. I am unable to get the app to email the grocery list since the last update. It worked fine before. I have written to you once about this, but no reply. Are you working on this problem?

  38. Am enjoying using My Recipe Book. Much tidier on my bench than all my bits of printed recipes.

    Since downloading an update scrolling down my recipe list is very jumpy. Am looking forward to a fix for this.

  39. Very useful app! I’ve been able to consolidate all my recipes from various sources (online, magazines, handwritten recipe cards, etc) into one place. I have two suggestions:

    1) It would be handy to have an Advanced Search where I can search on fields like “Recipe From” or “Ready Time”. Maybe I’ve overlooked this, so please let me know if this is already available in the app.

    2) This app would be invaluable to me if I could also easily store the nutrition information for each recipe. Right now, I have to store this information on a separate website (SparkRecipes). I guess I could put this information in the Recipe Notes, but it would be nice to have added fields for the nutrition info.


  40. Any plans for this app for Mac? I would love to use it on my iMac to store my hundreds of recipes!

  41. Suggestion, add an option in import word files

  42. I REALLY want this app on my iPhone!!!!!!
    I don’t care about the “small screen”… I’m always looking at recipe on my iPhone (Internet mostly) anyway and would love being able to put my own recipe in it, so when I want to do a nice recipe for dinner, I can look on my phone and pass by the grocery store.
    Hope it’s coming soon….!

  43. A friend showed me your app tonight on her iPad, and I looked to see if you had it for the iPhone. It is a WONDERFUL app, so I am hoping you will come out with an iPhone version soon. Also, it would be cool if you sold a component in the Mac App Store (on the computer), so that one could access it on a laptop. I currently have a recipe organizer, but it doesn’t support all the websites like your app does, and it’s also not nearly as simple. Just a thought. You’d definitely have another customer!

  44. There really needs to be a way to create the recipe on your PC or Mac and then upload it to the iPad. If not in a WP app like MS Word then in a dedicated app you provide that we could buy that connects to the iPad version to trnasfer the data. Or, partner with someone who already makes a PC/Mac app and pass the data through an API to the iPad.

  45. I LOVE the new update!!!!! Thank you so much!! I’m even more obsessed with your app now. WELL WORTH BUYING!!!!!! thank you!!!! From a faithful user!

  46. Would love this app in iPhone! This would make it perfect!

  47. I love the app on the iPad. My ultimate dream would be to be able to search my recipe database at the grocery on my iPhone on my way home from work. The oh my gosh what shall I make for dinner realization moment.

  48. Is there a way to sync between two iPads?! It’s a pain to have to email all the recipes between them!

  49. Is it possible to email more than one recipe at once? I would like to send a batch to myself as an extra backup which I could print out if I couldn’t access my ipad. Thanks.

  50. Can’t stress enough how highly I rate your App – it is simply wonderful!
    I would love:
    The ability to see a list (recipe titles only) with a check box alongside and each recipe numbered. I would like to be able to check off recipes for various purposes, e.g. ones I have emailed to myself for backup, or recipe I have already tried, etc.
    Also, recipes are often in multi categories, I haven’t a clue exactly how many recipes I have, and don’t particularly want to trawl through manually.

  51. Help! All of the sudden I can’t open my recipe app.
    Please let me know what I can do! All other apps work on my iPad.
    Thanks for your help.
    PS: please hurry!
    Debra Cherney

  52. I love this app and have beocme too dependent on it. i hv hundreds of recipes stored in the app taking up abt 15MG of data space. About 2 weeks ago the app crashed. when i clicked on it, the app will open for a few seconds and then go back to the home page. i backed up my device, deleted the app and reinstalled the abck and fortunately i managed to recover all my data. i thought the problem ended. But the app crashed again last night. again i managed to recover the data in the same way. pse tell me waht is causing this problem. Is it the app or my ipad device

  53. HELP! I love my app but it has suddenly stopped opening. It tries, then crashes! I have so many of my favourite recipes in there and now I can’t get to them

  54. Hey……knock knock! Anybody there?????
    I’ve been waiting for some help. Ever since I upgraded my recipe book app I can’t open the app……Lost a BUNCH of recipes! Still waiting for HELP! Anybody home?????
    Contact Info:
    Debra Cherney

    • This issue has been fixed in a recent update, please try again.

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