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Posted by on Jul 22, 2010 in Blog | 18 comments

Create a Grocery List

Create a Grocery List

On the My Recipe Book Toolbar, click on the grocery cart icon to add all the ingredients from a recipe to your grocery list.  Then, click on the View Grocery List button to see everything on your list.

You can even enter custom ingredients to your list.  If you want to grab some napkins while you’re at the grocery store, just add it to your list under the custom section, and it will show up on your grocery list.

The best way to use the grocery list is by adding all the recipes you want to shop for.  Then, go through your pantry and fridge and check off what you already have on hand so you know what you’ll need to buy at the store.  Then, either take your iPad with you, or email the list of remaining items to your iPhone, where you can check off the rest.

To email or print your grocery list, touch the share button at the bottom of the grocery list, and you will see four options:

– Email all

– Email Not Checked

– Print All

– Print Not Checked

In order to print the grocery list, please ensure your device is running the latest version of the operating system.


  1. I have added items to the grocery list, but how do you clear everything you have bought from the list? I know you can put a checkmark in the box, but it does not remove item from the list. Thanks

    • The items are linked to the recipes, so to clear everything off, you have to delete the recipe from the grocery list by un-selecting the grocery icon on the recipe card, or deleting it in the recipe view of the grocery list.

    • I have tried deleting the recipe from the recipe section of the shopping list and the items still were not removed. It would be very helpful if there was a clear all button on the grocery list.

      Another thing I found frustrating is that although you can changing the serving size of the recipe in the recipe card view, when you put the ingredients into the grocery list, it still as the original measurements and does not give you the adapted ones.

      Thank you,

    • I have the same issue with the grocery cart. I love this app and it woul be 5 star per fact if you would please add a “clear checked item” button on the grocery list directly.

      • Agreed!

  2. This needs to have two updates so that you can clear out the list easier.
    1, If I add a custom item to the grocery list, there is no way to delete it from the list.
    2, I should not have to go through all my recipes to deselect the grocery cart to empty out the list.

  3. App crashes every time I try to view grocery list. Rebooted running current version. Any ideas?


  4. The grocery list is crashing the app every time I try to view it?

  5. I do not have an envelope anywhere to email my grocery list. Does anyone know if i have to set that up or something?

    • Hi, I just uploaded an updated screen shot. You should be seeing a “share” button that will allow you to email or print the grocery list.

  6. Hi I can’t find a way to e-mail the grocery list. When I hit the share button, only thing happens is that the program asks to share and thats it. Also, there is no E-mail button.

    • Other people who have been having the issue with the share button not working don’t have the latest version of the iOs, do you have the most recent update?

  7. Having a pantry option to integrate with the shopping list would be awesome. If you could enter all the items you have on hand so the app could only add what’s missing to the shopping list it would likely save time. Sure it would take time to initially setup but it would be a one time thing. Pantry would update quantities as items are cleared from the shopping list. It would be most beneficial if you were out and decide to make a recipe. It would save you from having to go home first to see what you need to buy or getting home to realize you don’t have all the needed ingredients.

  8. I would like to see the grocery list sorted by categories so that my trip to the store is more organized.

  9. Love this app, but I agree there needs to be an easier way to delete items from the grocery list. I would suggest the following buttons for the grocery list:

    1. Clear all button
    2. Clear checked items only button
    3. Save items for later button

  10. Hi! I love this app, but not the shopping list as much. I would love to see:

    1) a way for me to organize my list…I like to organize by category, or the grocery store, so I don’t miss anything.
    2) a way to delete unneeded items, instead of just checking them off.

    Hope you can figure out a way to do this 🙂

  11. I would love to see this available on the iPhone

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