Thanks for your interest in My Recipe Book! This app has had a good long life, but unfortunately we are no longer able to support the app and it is no longer available to download in the App Store. Your data should still be useable on your device, and RecipeSync will still allow you to back up your recipes until January 31, 2021.

What should I do with all of my recipes?

There are many options, but may we recommend you transfer your recipes to the app Paprika? It has much of the same functionality and there's a way to convert/import your recipes from My Recipe Book into Paprika. For details on how to do this, check out this help info from Paprika's website: You shouldn't even have to open My Recipe Book app in order to do the transfer!

Note that we aren't directly associated with Paprika and aren't endorsing them specifically, but their app seems to be a good one and it offers an option for a smooth transition for our customers. There may be other apps out there that will do the same thing! Feel free to investigate them all.

Thanks so much for being a loyal user of My Recipe Book and we wish you happy cooking and baking for years to come!

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Posted by on Aug 13, 2013 in Blog | 1 comment

Import Differences between the iPhone and iPad versions

Import Differences between the iPhone and iPad versions

I think it would be helpful to explain which types of import are available on both the iPhone and iPad versions, and which are only available on the iPad right now.

In both the iPhone and iPad apps you can add recipes using the easy importer.

To use the easy importer, you touch the “Find Recipes Online” button, then touch the “Sites” button, and select the site you would like to import from. Type your search into the bar at the top, then touch the “search” button on the keyboard, and a list of recipes that match your search from the site you selected will appear.

On the iPad ONLY, there are additional ways to add recipes to the app.

To type one of your personal recipes in, touch the “Add a Recipe” button, then add ingredients, directions, etc. on the edit screen.

To use the custom importer to import from a website, touch the “Find Recipes Online” button. Type the web address you would like to import from into the search bar at the top. Once the site is up, navigate to the recipe you would like to enter. Touch the “Custom Import” button in the upper right corner, and the fields you can import will appear there. Touch and hold over the text you would like to import, move the blue dots so they are surrounding the text, then touch the coresponding button (Title, Ingredients, Directions) to add the text to that area. To add a photo, touch the “Picture” button, and all the photos available on the website will populate there, select the one you want, and it will import with the recipe. When you have entered all the information, touch the blue Import button in the middle of the screen, and you will see the recipe in a recipe card in the app.

If you have recipes in an email, or a note, or a document on your iPad, you can still import them into the custom importer. Open the custom importer the same way you would to import from a website, but instead of pasting from a website that is open in the app, you can switch back to the app that has the text, copy from there, and paste into the ingredients and directions boxes, touch the “import” button, and it will separate out all the information for you into a recipe card.

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  1. Hi, Please can you add the option to add the recipe as a picture. I have a lot of a pictures of magazine pages with recipe and I don’t want to retype them. Is it possible just to save a pict and add tags and categories them?

    Thank you

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