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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Blog | 17 comments

Tour of the Recipe Card

Tour of the Recipe Card

There are a lot of buttons on the recipe card.  Here is an image with labels for all the buttons on the recipe card so you can get the most out of the app.


  1. The easy import feature is not working, especially with I did manage to import something from

  2. This looks SO cool but I have to have it analyze a complete recipe to give me the nutritional information per serving.
    Any plans on adding that?

  3. Help! My app screen is frozen and I can’t use the My Recipe app. Everytime I open up, the Rate my Recipe blue box pops up and I can’t get rid of it. What do I do to restore functionality???

  4. I have an iPad 2. I would like to download your recipe app but worry that my iPad might not have enough room on it to hold my thousands of recipes. I would dearly love to have all my recipes on my iPad, as well as add to them. Your app sounds perfect. Would I be smarter buying an Android just for my recipes? Hope you have an answer for me. Thx in advance

  5. Are you planning on some way to get the recipes on the iPhone. Thanks.

  6. Is it possible to add my own recipes from scratch. Does a recipe have to be imported? Also, if I make an entire booklet of recipes is the entire booklet transferrable to other family members? If I wanted to make a huge booklet to sell, would I sell a copy of the app and transfer the entire booklet somehow? Just “cooking up” some ideas. Thanks!

  7. Do you know how to export My Recipe Book recipes to a document?

  8. Having trouble down loading receipes get ingredients ok. But not the directions Either my own or from one of the sites. I hope you can help. Thank you

  9. I am looking for an app that I can use on line as well as publish to print in book format. I see that I can print a recipe but how about formatting and creating the entire book. Love to hear from you. Thanks

  10. I absolutely love the app but there are some things that could be added to that would make it better.

    I would love to see a spot that has the oven temp. Maybe by the times. It would also be nice that in the yield it can do a range of servings like 22 -24 instead of just one number.

    I would also like to be able to add more than one picture. There are a lot of recipes that have several photos that show the steps and what the food is to look like along the way. So being able to add more photos would be great. And maybe instruction videos.

  11. Is there an easy way to also include the nutritional information when importing the recipe?


  12. Hi,
    Several of the recipes that I’ve added are slightly vague over the number of servings and the prep time. For example they say “6 to 8 servings” and “about 2 hours prep”.
    Both the servings and timing fields will only accept numeric input so I’m having to choose an arbitrary figure. Any suggestions?

  13. On the recipe card, is there a way to check off the steps and ingredients as you go along?

  14. I cannot get my recipe book to download off my iPad. Any suggestions? I’ve used it for several years and this is a first.

  15. hi,
    will you publish a french version some day?
    Brillat Savarin 😉

  16. Suddenly app won’t work on my iPad but fine on iPhone. Help!

  17. Give this a one-star rating at most. Not worth the $2.00! Does not live up to its promises.

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