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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Blog | 6 comments

Editing and Adding Categories

Editing and Adding Categories

There are quite a few categories included in the app, but it is always nice to add your own.  You can add a category for a certain type of food like “Mexican” or “Asian”, or you can create “Great for Summer” or “Thanksgiving Menu”.  You can select as many categories as you would like for each recipe, so if you want to create some specific categories, you can.  The pictures below should help clarify how to edit and add categories.




  1. I’m gutted..I purchased this a year or two ago and spent ages putting all my favorite and family recipes in. I opened it yesterday and all that’s there is the recipes..

    AND..when I tried to rate this product on the app site, every nickname I entered ‘was taken’ (it wouldnt let me submit without one)
    including vdisappointed, very disappointed, very very very very disappointed. So either there’s a problem with that or there are a lot of very disappointed customers.

  2. I love this app! I have had so much fun organizing and inputting my recipes. Two suggestions….I have that the home screen is just the ABC list of all my recipes. It would be so cute to have the option of a recipe box- just like the one on this screen with the categories. I think that would be so much cuter and easier on the eye. Also more functional- I would imagine that many people hunt for a recipe by category anyway.

    Now, I imagine my next request would just be too hard to write code for, but it would be amazing if the grocery list could combine listings for each ingredient. Like instead on 7 different entries for eggs, it would list 16 eggs.

    Thank you!!

  3. So far, I love this app! Very easy to use. One question: is there a way to add notes to a specific recipe? For ex., “made this for Thanksgiving, next time do xxx.”

    Thank you!

  4. When I add my own recipes, the field for the Recipe name gets indented. The recipes that came with the app are not indented. So I now have two groups of recipes because they are being sorted by the title and the sort does recognize the indent vs the non-indent. Please fix or tell me what I am doing wrong. Otherwise, this is the best recipe app I have ever found and I can now go totally paperless !

  5. Hello, How to I type in a recipe on my ipad and then get it into a specific category? Thank You

  6. I don’t have any option/ icons for Editing and Adding Categories to select Categories. I would like to know about it, so i can organise.

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