Thanks for your interest in My Recipe Book! This app has had a good long life, but unfortunately we are no longer able to support the app and it is no longer available to download in the App Store. Your data should still be useable on your device, and RecipeSync will still allow you to back up your recipes until January 31, 2021.

What should I do with all of my recipes?

There are many options, but may we recommend you transfer your recipes to the app Paprika? It has much of the same functionality and there's a way to convert/import your recipes from My Recipe Book into Paprika. For details on how to do this, check out this help info from Paprika's website: You shouldn't even have to open My Recipe Book app in order to do the transfer!

Note that we aren't directly associated with Paprika and aren't endorsing them specifically, but their app seems to be a good one and it offers an option for a smooth transition for our customers. There may be other apps out there that will do the same thing! Feel free to investigate them all.

Thanks so much for being a loyal user of My Recipe Book and we wish you happy cooking and baking for years to come!

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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Blog | 17 comments

Using the Custom Importer

Using the Custom Importer

I often get questions about what all the buttons do, and how specifically the custom importer works. ¬†Below are some images to clear up what the buttons do, and how the page should look when you’re importing from a site that is not in the easy importer.


  1. Hi, love the app. Custom import worked when I first got the app and was amazing. I have contacted support months ago to advise custom import is no longer working. Just tried again and still no luck. So frustrating because it was so cool! Any idea when this will be addressed? Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    Please could you made it possible to add multiple pictures in direction field? So we can add pictures for step-by-step cooking process. Not only one main picture.
    Thank you in advance!!!

    P.S. this App is Great!

  3. I just purchased the My Recipe Book app. It is very neat.

    I have thousands of recipes that are on various papers (cards, 8.5×11, etc).

    I was hoping that I could simply upload scanned images of each recipe and use the category and indexing to the image. Is that possible? (I would like to get them all in your data format – but it is a BIG project.)

    I also was hoping that there would be a PC version and that the two could sync. Is there? Or do you plan one?



  4. I would like to import my own recipes that I have in txt. format. Is that possible?

  5. Hi – I’ve just discovered the My Recipe Book app and I have to say I think it’s brilliant! It took me a few minutes to work out the Custom Import facility, but it’s pretty easy once you’ve done it a couple of times. Most of the Easy Import websites appear to be US-based (I’m from the UK) – is there a technical reason for this? I’ve now added my favourite UK sites in the Custom List to speed things along. I particularly like the way it finds images on a page for me to use. Is it adding these to the app’s database or just pulling them in from the web each time I view the recipe?

  6. is it possible to import a recipe file from another application like MacGormet?

  7. I have a question about the Custom Importer and do not know where I can ask my question. Can someone please email me?

    When I attempt to copy and paste, I DO NOT get the pop up box stating to copy. Rather the highlighted text has 4 blue dots around it.

    Copy and paste works in all of my other ipad apps.

    I am very frustrated by this and if I cannot find a solution, My Recipe Book is of no use to me.

    Can you pleae help?

    Thank you.

  8. Is there a way to import data on a desktop for use in the app? I have about 2000 recipes to enter and this method isn’t going to cut it. Thank you.

  9. can I import my recipe from another website that I have an account at?

  10. Hi,
    I’m in the UK. The best website for UK recipes is the BBC ( I’ve used the Custom Importer, but it’s a bit of a drag and I wondered if it’d be possible to add this website so I can do an easy import.

  11. It would be useful if we could add recipes via your web page. I have text files and Word docs with old recipes that I’d like to copy and paste into the app. Sometimes the Custom Import just isn’t enough. Thanks!

  12. After latest update I am now having problems importing from some sites such as the spice company Mccormick. I have never had this problem before update. The program will not let me add ingredients or directions. Otherwise I love and use the program daily. I hope you can repair this as I don’t want to print the recipes from the sites.

    • Now I am having problems seeing if my comments are being received by you,

  13. I cannot open the app. It keeps crashing. I have all my recipes on there. What do I do?

  14. Martha Stewart has updated her website – it’s all new and no longer works with easy import. (Although the photo never loaded with easy import anyway.) You might want to take a look and see if you can fix that!

  15. Have had NO success with the custom import!!! Is there a video? We need some more sites to choose from!,Taste of Home Light.The Custom Import is totally frustrating!!!!

  16. I have been using the app for over a year now and I love it. However lately I have been having problems importing recipes into it. When I try to import a recipe it errors and says to check my internet connection. There is nothing wrong with my connection. Are there any bugs with in the app that are causing this? Are you going to be doing an update soon to fix the problem?

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