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Posted by on Jul 22, 2010 in Blog | 9 comments

Recipes at your fingertips

Recipes at your fingertips

My Recipe Books for iPad is a centralized place to store all your recipes.

Family favorites scribbled on recipe cards, recipes bookmarked online or printed out from a website, pages torn out of magazines or any other recipes you have around your house.

You can see all of your recipes in one place by clicking on the All A->Z button.

Once you have selected a recipe to view, you will then be able to view it in full-screen, email the recipe and notes, set a kitchen timer, change the font size, or use any of the conversion tools we have built in.

You can also use the servings adjustor to halve the recipe if you are serving less people, or increase it if you’re serving a crowd.


  1. Can I save ie backup the recipes to my Mac? It would be nice to have a sister app on the Mac that allows inputing of recipes where it is faster to type etc?? Then download to the iPad?

    • Hi – you can back-up the recipes to your mac using the back-up procedures, but you can’t access the recipes from there. We’re thinking about making a Mac App, but it’s not in the works yet.

    • I agree that being able to access my recipes only on my iPad is limiting. There are times I need to check the ingredients listing and don’t have my iPad with.

      • Hi, is there any way that you can access them online or on a mac yet? Maybe using a log in or something?


  2. A mac app to sync wirelessly with the iPad version would be awesome!!

  3. This is one of my favorite apps, but I Definitely needly a Mac version of this to sync with!!!!!

  4. I love this app.. I would love it more if I could use it on my MacBook Pro as well. iPhone is not as important but I could see the benefit.. I noticed people have requested this before. Any plans on expanding? Thanks!

  5. Any idea if a MacBook app is now in the works? It’s a shame to only have my recipes on my iPad, and think that i would use the app more if i was able to sync with my main computer.

  6. Love the iPad and iPhone app but would love to access recipes with my MacBook when that’s all I have in the kitchen. When will you be developing a way for us to access it on the MacBook, please? Thank you!

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